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About Serge Ferrari Tersuisse AG TERSUISSE

Your team for excellent products. Whether standard or customised.

We really demonstrate our capabilities when you need us to go that extra mile. And in fact, many of our customers are surprised how fast we are. There are many reasons for this:

  • We liaise closely with our customers, because the ability to listen coupled with creativity creates exceptional solutions
  • We are very innovative because we collaborate with EMPA (a Swiss research organisation for application-driven material sciences and technology)
  • We have interdisciplinary teams with flat hierarchies and goal-driven, agile project management
  • Our internal quality system is governed by a continuous improvement process
  • Our quality standards are stringent and come with that special Swiss-made factor
  • We have a highly motivated workforce who are passionate about tackling customer challenges
  • We consistently upskill our employees
  • We only choose REACH-compliant feedstock
  • We have a solutions-driven relationship to selected and reliable suppliers

People with special needs are part of our team

We partner with the Brändi Foundation and employ 6 people with special needs. We want to make a small contribution to integrating people with special needs into the working environment.

For more information, click on the foundation’s website Stiftung Brändi.

People with special needs are part of our team, Stifung Brändi


Swiss Textiles

We are a member of the Swiss Textiles association, a centre of competence for the Swiss textile industry that promotes innovative solutions with technical textiles.

For more information, click on the association’s website:
Swiss Textiles


The Comité International de la Rayonne et des Fibres Synthétiques (CIRFS) was founded in 1950 and represents the interests of the European synthetic fibre industry.

Europe is the third-largest region to produce man-made fibres worldwide. Man-made fibres are vital feedstock for many other sectors, from the textile industry to the aerospace industry, to baby’s nappies to renewables. And the region’s globally pioneering in terms of quality, innovation and sustainability.

Due to its flame-retardant finishing expertise, Serge Ferrari Tersuisse is among few manufacturers of flame-retardant yarns (IFRF - Inherently Flame Retardant and Resistant Fibres)*.

*Using fibres with FR qualities is an ideal way of making flame-retardant or fireproof fabrics. Fibres with these qualities are called IRFR fibres.

You will get more information from the brochure CIRFS Flame Retardent Fibres, which you can download here:
Download Brochure CIRFS Flame Retardent Fibres