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Expertise for PET HT: Low wick, flame retardancy, FDA conformity, UV stabilisation, Customizing Expertise

A perfect finish for special requirements

As a specialist in high-tenacity PET yarns with diverse functionalities, we have built up a good reputation and gained comprehensive expertise in developing solutions for leading fabric and coating companies. By applying special finishes to yarns, we can offer exceptional functionalities for coated fabrics in the production process as a whole by providing superior product characteristics and maximum safety.

Low wick

  • Finish with an additive to prevent water absorption
  • Used primarily in tent construction and textile architecture: by preventing water from being absorbed into the fabric, mould growth does not occur
  • The fabric lasts longer and is more robust
raw white PET HT with low wick
flame-retardant yarns

Flame retardancy (FR)

  • Flame-retardant additives to render the fabric more flameproof and achieve particular fire classifications
  • Makes the product safer as an all-in-one system consisting of a coating and fabric
  • Our special expertise ensures that shrinkage is low and tenacity excellent

Food safety (FDA)

  • Application of FDA-compliant feedstocks
  • Mandatory for yarns which come in direct contact with food, e.g. sausage laces
FDA conform PET HT yarns
UV stabilisation for PET HT yarns

UV stabilisation

  • Finish with an UV protection
  • Maintains the tensile strength and therefore effectiveness of the fabric for a longer period
  • The fabric lasts 2 to 3 times longer at outdoor applications


Serge Ferrari Tersuisse produces yarn customised for your intended purpose:

  • High-tenacity polyester yarn adapted to customer requirements: low wick, flame retardancy, food safety, UV, spun dyed, counts, number of filaments
  • Production of warp beams
  • Single and multiple end yarn twisting
  • Air texturing
  • Customised spool sizes