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Customising Service: Single and multiple end twist, production of warp beams, air texturing, different spool sizes Finishing

Prepared for perfect processing

Our customising service ensures that the yarns fit perfect into the rest of your process. Whether you require special twisted yarn, warp beams, certain spool sizes or air texturing, we are pleased to meet your finishing requirements and ensure seamless integration of our products into your production chain.

Single or multiple end twist up to 20.000 dtex

Twisted Yarn

To improve running characteristics on the loom or increase uniformity of the yarn, our twisting service is there to help you by

  • Giving the yarn a better surface protection
  • Ensuring a more uniform surface and therefore better characteristics during the production process
  • Making the yarn cross-section rounder and more compact
  • Giving the yarn a S-twist or a Z-twist
  • Multi-twisting is also possible to allow high counts up to 20.000 dtex

Production of warp beams

Serge Ferrari Tersuisse has a wide range of warp beams for your weaving mill:

  • Exclusive processing of PET yarns
  • Up to 288 cm in width
  • Up to 18.000 m in length (depending on counts)
  • On a pilot machine, even small warp beams of 10 metres can be made
Spool sizes for PET HT yarn

Spool sizes

Thanks to our rewinding machines, we can make the special spool size you require.