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Spun dyed yarns PET HT SD

Spun dyed
PET HT yarns

Serge Ferrari Tersuisse has a wide range of spun dyed yarns for special applications where superior colour fastness and intensity coupled with exeptional durability are vital. Even when used outdoors, these yarns convince with their colour fastness.

Serge Ferrari Tersuisse’s spun dyed yarns are chosen by many renowned companies for products used for instance for disaster relief, firefighting, defence and medical technology or sports.

We can currently offer a choice of 20 colours, which include classic ones as well as on-trend shades. Do you require a special colour for your product? Our customising service is looking forward to develop and produce the colour you want.


  • Depending on colour: 550, 830 or 1100 dtex
  • Other counts and characteristics upon customer request
  • Optional finish: FR
  • Finishing service: single and multiple end twisting, production of warp beams, air texturing and various spool sizes

Overview standard programme

Products 051051051052
Counts 1100 f1041100 f192550 f104
1100 f192
550 f104
1100 f192
Elongation (%) 16-18.516-18.516-18.518-18.5
Shrinkage at
180°C for 15 Min. (%)
  • Midblue Midblue
  • Firered Firered
  • Fieldgrey Fieldgrey
  • Deepblack Deepblack
Products 053053054054
Counts 1100 f1921100 f1041100 f1921100 f104
Elongation (%) 15.5-19.515.5-19.518.5-2118.5-21
Shrinkage at
180°C for 15 Min. (%)
  • Azur Azur
  • Yellow Yellow
  • Orange Orange
  • Gold Gold
  • Mare Mare
  • Navy Navy
  • Silver Silver
  • Emerald Emerald
  • Fluoyellow Fluoyellow
  • Fluogreen Fluogreen
  • Fluolemon Fluolemon
  • Fluopink Fluopink
Products 055058
Counts 830 f1041100 f192
Elongation (%) 2322-24
Shrinkage at
180°C for 15 Min. (%)
  • Froggreen Froggreen
  • Fieldgrey Fieldgrey
  • Grey Grey

For technical reasons, the true colours of our spun dyed yarns may differ from the colours shown on your monitor/display. Therefore, we recommend you request a set of colour samples beforehand.