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Photo Tersuisse History

Achieving the unimaginable. Part of our company’s DNA since 2005.

It was a disaster and something we couldn’t have foreseen. On 22. August 2005, a massive flood occurred during which a small tributary called Kleine Emme broke its banks so that water gushed onto our premises. The entire warehouse as well as our facilities in the basement were up to the ceiling in mud. When we looked behind our factory gates at the time, we thought that it was the end and we had to give up.

The next day, and once we had slept on it, we then started to clean up. Initially, we only used shovels before switching to professional equipment. Production started again 13 days later. We had plenty of helping hands, so with an incredible level of teamwork and a huge dollop of faith in our own abilities we were able to achieve an amazing result. It was an event that has had a key impact on the way we act and encouraged us to believe that we can also do the impossible. This credo has become part of our corporate DNA.

Excellent yarns since 1906

Serge Ferrari Tersuisse looks back on over 100 eventful years with one or other world premieres:


Sociéte de la Viscose Suisse is founded and production of viscose filament yarns (artificial silk) launched


Commissioning of the first phase of industrial yarn facility for high-tenacity polyamide and polyester filament yarns.
We had the first spin-draw production facility worldwide!


The company’s name is changed from Société de la Viscose Suisse into Visco Suisse SA


The company is taken over by RP Fibras and Meyhall Chemical and the name changed to Rhône-Poulenc Viscosuisse SA


The company’s renamed Rhône-Poulenc Filtec AG


It is incorporated into the newly founded Rhodia (a spin-off of the Rhône Poulenc group) under the new Rhodia Filtec AG name


Standardisation of all Rhodia companies’ brand image in the industrial yarn sector.
Renamed Rhodia Industrial Yarns AG.
Foundation of the Tersuisse Multifils SA joint venture with Ferrari.


Serge Ferrari takes over Tersuisse Multifils SA.
Massive flood on 22. August puts the company premises under water.


The name is changed to Serge Ferrari Tersuisse SA

since 2001

Production of Low wick yarns

since 2008

Plasma-coating machinery is installed

since 2012

Production of flame-retardant yarns