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Flame-retardant yarns PET HT

Flame-retardant yarns (FR) PET HT

The general trend towards sophisticated applications with even higher security for architecture and transportation require fire safety from the very start, not just in terms of the coating, but also of the fabric. Tersuisse’s FR yarns play a key role in supporting your product concepts to ensure maximum fire safety. As a result, clients using these products will have a comfortable feeling. Our special skills in developing flame-retardant yarns guarantee that you will receive products that are low in shrinkage and high in tenacity. Tersuisse’s FR yarns mean a high level of fire safety without compromising on performance.


  • Optional finish: spun dyed
  • Finishing service: single and multiple end twisting, production of warp beams, air texturing and various spool sizes

Overview of flame-retardant yarns

Products F401F402
Counts 280 f48
550 f104
550 f104
1100 f192
Elongation (%) 24-2524-25
Shrinkage at
180°C for 15 Min. (%)
7 (280 f48)
3.3 (550 f104)