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Extensive programme of standard yarns and specialities

Serge Ferrari Tersuisse offers you an extensive standard range of high-tenacity polyester multifilament yarns (PET HT) for industrial processing. Besides many raw white standards you can expect innovative specialities such as flame retardant yarns, plasma coated yarns with a unique and patented manufacturing method and spun dyed yarns.

Raw white yarns

Standard yarns of 150 to 3340 dtex with high tenacity and low shrinkage.

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Spun dyed yarns

Twenty trend colours or your own shade with legendary colour stability.

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Flame-retardant yarns (FR)

With a powerful, flame-retardant finish for consistent fire safety.

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Plasma coated yarns

Only we can offer plasma coated yarns from stainless steel to platinum for smart textiles, medical technology and luxury goods.

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