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  • Production of warp PET HT
  • High tenacity polyester yarn Tersuisse
  • Twisting high tenacity PET yarn

Maximum flexibility for your projects

Serge Ferrari Tersuisse offers an extensive range of high-tenacity polyester multifilament yarns in top Swiss-made quality for industrial applications. In addition to several raw white standards, you can choose from a wide range of spun dyed yarns. There is also a variety of finishes to give them low wick characteristics, make them flame retardant, food compliant or UV resistant.

Do you have any special requirements? Our customising service is pleased to develop yarns geared to your products. But that’s not all: our finishing service can twist or air texture yarns, make warp beams and customised spool sizes for perfect integration into your supply chain.


Customised yarns and finishing for the most demanding requirements

Flexibility for customised yarns


Short lead times thanks to flat hierarchies and shared expertise

Fast realization of PET HT projects

Made in Switzerland

Uncompromising standards of quality and reliability you can count on

High tenacity Polyester yarns in swiss-made quality
PET HT raw-white

Raw white

Standard yarns of 150 to 3340 dtex with high tenacity and low shrinkage.

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Spun dyed yarns

Spun dyed

Six trend colours or your own shade with legendary colour stability.

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Flame-retardant PET HT


With a powerful, flame-retardant finish for consistent fire safety.

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Plasma coated yarns


Only we can offer plasma coated yarns from stainless steel to platinum for smart textiles, medical technology and luxury goods.

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The world’s biggest Swiss flag

The world’s biggest Swiss flag, a massive 31 x 31 metres in size and weighing over 500 kg, is anchored to a majestic ledge near to Lucerne, Switzerland. In order to withstand the enormous gusts of wind and fluctuations in temperature, parent company Serge Ferrari made the flag out of the sort of high-tech fabric normally used for sophisticated textile facades. Serge Ferrari Tersuisse’s twisted filaments with a special yarn finish ensure that the world’s biggest Swiss flag can cope with the toughest of weather conditions thanks to its superior tensile strength and UV resistance.

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